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Sam purchased the colt foal - to be known as Welton Gameful as a weanling for £100.

Welton Gameful with Dawn at TidworthHis first winter was spent being reared in a small covered yard feeding side by side with 7 fresian heifer calves. Sam believes part of his wonderful temperament was attributed to this way of upbringing.
As a 2 year old he was already showing star quality in both temperament and conformation. Many people saw him proclaimed him good enough to show.

At this time he covered a few select mares, in order to give an early indication of the type of stock he was likely to produce. The very first mare he covered produced a foal,which later ridden by Sgt. Ben Jones went advanced and qualified for Badminton.....Gamekeeper.

With hindsight this was a foretaste of things to come. Gameful's superb temperament and ability meant in his own right he was hunted, show jumped and regularly shown successfully in hunter classes. Sam's 12 year old daughter Dawn then began Pony Club eventing him! They were twice short listed for the junior European 3-day event team and qualified for Badminton together.

Sadly Gameful's competing career was cut short by the loss of an eye at the age of 12 and then at 14 years an accident in the field when he shattered a hind leg. Many harrowing hours were spent by Sam and Linda before the vets finally decided there was no hope of saving him. His premature death left a big hole, which, was then to be filled by the three sons he left behind.


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